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Bob's Musical Influences
and Recommended Listening
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Of course, I recommend all of my collaborative discs, since each artist I work with has been deeply educational for me. However, many people ask me who my early influences are. The artists I listened to as a young man shaped my ears and led me down the various strange roads I have since traveled. Below, I have listed many of my early influences.

If you are a musician, I recommend that you discover the 10% of each artist's work that really turns you on, and listen to many different kinds of music, always searching for the magic 10%.

The music of all the artists listed below is available on CD these days, and a web search should yield results easily.

BLUES: . .
Charley Patton Bukka White Frank Stokes
Skip James Blind Blake Casey Bill Weldon
Son House Memphis Minnie Big Joe Williams
Willie Brown Robert Johnson Howling Wolf
Tommy Johnson Bessie Smith Muddy Waters
JAZZ: . .
Louis Armstrong

Cotton Pickers

King Oliver
Bix Beiderbecke Eddie Lang
Tiny Parham Jack Purvis Joe Venuti
Benny Moten Jelly Roll Morton Eddie South
Lonnie Johnson Luis Russel Django Reinhardt
Duke Ellington Coleman Hawkins Oscar Aleman
Sol Hoopii George Ku Ledward Kaapana
Tau Moe Jim & Bob Stonewall Boys
King Benny Nawahi Kanui & Lula Sol K. Bright
Sam Ku West Roy Smeck Johnny Noble
M.K. Moke David Kaili Kalama’s Quartet
Wilmouth Houdini Lord Executor Lionel Belasco
Growling Tiger Duke Of Iron Sam Manning
Lord Invader King Radio Mighty Sparrow