Bob Brozman Tips for Guitarists: Down the Road: Music, Melody, Chords, and Lyrics
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"Down the Road"
Music, Melody, Chords, and Lyrics
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A traditional calypso, "Down the Road" was first recorded by the legendary Calypso singer Growling Tiger. Bob gives this sad story of a convict and his mother a high-energy rendering on his recent self-released concert recording

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MP3 sample of "Down the Road"

Calypso is an integral part of Bob Brozman's musical regimen. He writes, "In my youthful days I started collecting 78rpm records and learning ethnic music ... When I started finding calypso 78s, I not only found enjoyment in the musical blend of African, Spanish, and jazz, but also in the articulate and socially conscious lyrics. The calypso tradition prizes articulation, cleverness and eloquence in its composers and singers (usually the same person). Though the recordings of this music from the 1920s to the 1950s usually featured performances by bands of musicians, I was so attracted to the music that I was determined to work out the whole band sound on solo guitar. Calypso contributed to my development of a vocabulary of percussive sounds, contrasting timbres, and general groove ability. 'Down the Road' has everything in it for me - great lyrics, a solid groove, lots of opportunities for contrast and expression, and lots of passion. That is why I usually start my shows with this song. It wakes up all my musical sensibilities at once."

Down the Road: Music, Melody, Chords, and Lyrics - Image

"Down the Road"
Traditional, Arranged by Bob Brozman
Š White Spats Music, BMI