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Live Now - Bob Brozman Live Onstage
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February 24, 2002

Bob Brozman: LIVE NOW

Any doubts concerning the talents of Bob Brozman will vanish well before the end of "Down the Road," the opening track on this 45-minute live recording. Brozman succeeds in presenting this calypso as though he alone is a full musical ensemble, which in fact, he is. Rhythm, lead, bass, percussion and vocals, they're all there, performed to perfection.

The Blues? Hawaiian slide guitar? A little scat? Debussy played Madagascan style? He plays these and more with relish, style, depth and humor. Brozman is able to float comfortably from one region of the world to another, through different eras with ease. He has a deep understanding of a plethora of styles, combined with an uncanny ability to work rhythms to his own advantage without compromising traditions.

Seven of the 13 tracks were written by Brozman and another five are traditional pieces he has arranged. He joins forces with tuba-player Carolyn 'Cazzbo' Johns on the jazz standard "Dinah" which gets not quite the usual interpretation. He also collaborates with harmonica player Jim Conway on one track.

Bob Brozman is an inventive, adventurous musician who takes his playing to the limits, exploring possibilities not only in the melodies and rhythms but also in the physical aspects of his instruments. He has great respect for the music, but also has perspective, as his humor in playing and the liner notes show. Live Now, taken from performances in Australia and the US, is a well-recorded, infectious album that works on different levels, with some tremendous playing, fascinating vocals and great feeling.

Bob Brozman - King of the National Guitar

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