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Get Together - Bob Brozman and Woody Mann
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Tuesday, 5 June 2001

Bob Brozman & Woody Mann: In the Bistro

How do we start this one? With Woody of course. He gets on to the stage and kicks off with a slowish blues based number, no hello, no nice to be here stuff, how you doing? And he was right, we were there for the music, his music, his incredible skill, a perfect start. He did about 20 minutes on his own, it was quite stunning, so how was Bob going to follow that? He did.

On to the stage, different approach, very different, but just as incredible. Using every muscle he could find he made that guitar into a million instruments. How does he do that? Blues, world, jazz, Latin, folk, Bob took us all through a very special journey that served to justify his reputation as a great guitar player. Oh and yes, he tried his many accents on us, he's obviously spends most of his spare time in one of those boxing clubs in the East End of London.

The second half was even better. The guitar playing was awesome, the wit was good, the audience were right there. Standing room only, but no one seemed to mind, this was a very special show and one to tell your pals about the next day.

Bob Brozman - King of the National Guitar

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