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Digdig - Rene Lacaille and Bob Brozman
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René Lacaille & Bob Brozman: DigDig


To the Reunion Islanders music is like breathing, an expression of nature, part of their way of life. As surely as the waves caress the island's shores and its tropical leaves wave in the humid breeze, the locals gather around a bottle of rum and wait for the spirits of their multi-cultural ancestors to get the party going. 'Digdig', the latest album by René Lacaille and Bob Brozman is an invitation to just one of these parties. The now long-standing friendship and close musical collaboration between the Reunion Island accordion and guitar player Lacaille and Hawaiian guitar-guru and island-hopper Brozman has finally borne fruit in this joyfully evocative recording. Based on the traditional Sega and Maloya sounds from the island, 'Digdig' is made up of original compositions by both master musicians, mutually influenced by each other's specific cultures and experiences. The South American 'charango' guitar, a gift from Bob to René to accompany him on his many travels, joins the more traditional Reunion Island instruments in a burst of rhythmic and harmonic colour throughout the album, such as in Lacaille's instrumental 'K Ba'. The accordionist's often humorous and tongue-in-cheek lyrics are beautifully accompanied by the Hawaiian's slide guitar, as in 'Lang Là (That Language)', a Sega about the island's oppressed Creole language and culture. Or in 'Debussy A La Reunion' in which the legendary Granmoun Lele family percussions are taken on a round trip to the white beaches of Hawaii and back. A rare album, 'Digdig' is music in the making, the meeting and mixing of cultures based on the mutual respect and admiration of these two exceptional musicians. All wrapped up in their boundless love for the magic of the world's islands.

Bob Brozman - King of the National Guitar

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