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PAR AVION - Global Guitar Adventures
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This documentary collection of rare footage captures many of Bob Brozman’s global adventures with music and musicians, spanning over 30 years and dozens of countries.



Bob is a fiercely independent and prolific artist whose unusual career has been driven by a love of guitar music, anthropology, and human interaction with musicians around the world. Motivated by musical and intellectual curiosity, Bob has spent his life creating numerous collaborations while maintaining a full-time international touring schedule.

PAR AVION includes scenes from field recordings, spontaneous interactions and jam sessions, plus rare concert footage with artists from Hawaii, Réunion Island, Okinawa, Guinea, France, Canada, Australia, India, England, and Papua New Guinea.

See Bob’s open-ended artistic progression from early blues and jazz to island and world music – including footage from Bob’s early years in California from 1978-84; his early work in Hawaii in the mid-1980s; and the 1988 recording sessions with the legendary Tau Moe family. This early footage is followed by subsequent concerts, collaborations and interviews from 1990 to 2010.

PAR AVION is an intimate and stimulating view of one of the world’s great musical ambassadors, as he continues a life-long adventure in music.

Chapter List


1978: Boulder Creek, California

Ukulele Spaghetti
Shake it and Break it

1984: San Francisco Bay Area, California

River Blues

1986: Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Moana Chimes
12th Street Rag

1988: Oahu, Hawaii with the Tau Moe Family

E Mama Ea
Aloha Means I Love You
Tau and Bob play Hawaiian blues

1991: Vancouver, BC with the Brozophonic Orchestra

1992: San Luis Obispo, CA


1994: Santa Cruz, CA with Martin Simpson


1998: Taketomi Island, Okinawa with Takashi Hirayasu

Chon Chon, Rehearsal & Final Take
Tsuki Nu Kaisha, Okinawa and Quebec (2001)

1998: Santa Cruz, CA with Ledward Kaapana

Ku’u Ipo Onaona

1999: Island of La Réunion with René Lacaille & Granmoun Lélé

Samba em Preludio
Debussy à la Réunion

2000-1: Festival d’été de Québec

Kosa Nana La with René Lacaille
Slide Guitar Attack with Debashish and Subhashis Bhattacharya and Jeff Lang

2001: Paris, France with Djeli Moussa Diawara

Nkaminyo Yelena Ma
Truc Malagache

2003: Papua New Guinea with Stringbands

Beautiful Rabaul with Lions 2000 Stringband
Youth Development Song with Gilnata Stringband

2005: Toulouse, France - Interview for OC-TV

2007: London, England

Death Come Creepin’

2009: Santa Cruz, CA with The Brozman Trio

Mazurka Canizal
Look at New Orleans

2010: Lille, France with La Compagnie du Tire-Laine

Love in Vain
Milenberg Joys

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Bob Brozman - Guitar Master
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