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International Guitar Seminars
IGS Music Workshops and Camps
International Guitar Seminars

After teaching at many guitar camps worldwide, Bob and Woody Mann decided to create International Guitar Seminars (IGS), a focused and highly musical environment for passing on the knowledge they have gathered through a lifetime of music. Sessions have been held in New York, California, and Vancouver every year since 1999. The friendly, non-competitive scene at IGS has created a community of musicians from over 20 countries.

The Acoustic Blues and Slide Guitar Workshop will be an exciting and unique week-long seminar for guitarists of all levels who are ready for breakthroughs in developing new sounds and repertoire in their playing.

What sets IGS apart from other guitar "camps" is that we focus specifically on the many facets of fingerstyle acoustic Blues and slide guitar styles. Enrollment is limited to maintain a low student-teacher ratio. The program is designed to give students practical tools for jamming, performing, and to offer new musical perspectives that will last long after the week is over. We feel that in addition to the classes and workshops, learning how to play music with others and participate in jam sessions are essential elements for growth as a musician.

We will explore the broad spectrum of Country Blues sounds as well as musically related genres such as Hawaiian Slack Key, Gospel, Swing, and Jazz. Just as important, we will illustrate how this knowledge can be used to broaden your playing and develop your personal "toolbox" of expression. The understanding of past guitar styles and traditions is a "jumping-off point" for further musical exploration.

The program is designed for students of varying levels. Casual enthusiasts and professional guitarists alike will have a place to learn "hands-on" in an informal, relaxed, and non-competitive atmosphere. We strongly encourage beginners. If you can play a few songs, and know a few chords, you will be comfortable and well cared for at IGS. Many of our classes and workshops are specifically designed for the beginning player. Private lessons are available on a daily basis. Our emphasis is on the fundamentals and is geared to give you the necessary tools to develop your musicianship. Participants come from all over the world to create an international community of musicians, all living together and sharing the learning experience.

The days will consist of a morning and afternoon class, and late afternoon workshops. Each class will be 1.5 hrs and run for the entire week at the same time morning and afternoon period each day. The first night there will be faculty introductions to explain the details and levels of all the classes so students can choose the sessions they wish to attend. There is no preregistration for classes. The late afternoon workshops will enable students to study with staff members other than their class teachers. In addition, all participants can request and design special workshops. Topics will be limited only by imagination.

There will be plenty of relaxation time throughout the day for individual practicing, spontaneous workshops, and jams. In the evenings there will be staff concerts, an unprecedented faculty "deconstructed" jam, and, the highlight of the week: an all-student concert where everyone is encouraged to perform (with staff accompaniment if requested - we can't say no!). We have no limits on late night jamming, so please arrive well-rested and ready to PLAY!

Through our travels as performers, we continually meet guitarists from all over the world who are looking for a sense of direction and a fresh input of ideas and repertoire in their playing. We realized that there was a need to create a "safe" place where beginners as well as advanced players can learn from each other, expand their musicianship, and take musical chances. Our teaching staff was chosen for their willingness and ability to share their knowledge in a clear and direct manner. This week gives us the opportunity to share our music and experiences with you in a program of our own design.

Woody Mann, Bob Brozman, PROGRAM DIRECTORS

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